How do you measure ones life. Is it about the places you’ve been, accomplishments you’ve achieved, or experiences you’ve had. I think it’s a mixture of all three of these. But in the end, what is life without someone to talk about the places you have been, admire your accomplishments, or share your experiences with. If there is no one to share your experiences with, it’s as if the moment in time never existed. If you have someone like I do, you know, no matter what happens there is someone else in this world that knows you. They know you are real, they can vouch you existed. If you have someone like I do you can say you lived and lived well. With the love like ours people will do incredible things for each other. People will have amazing stories to tell when they are rocking on a porch swing in 50 years. I’ll leave it at that.
Love you bebe

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    I’m honestly the luckiest girl in the world. I love you so much ♥
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